Cognitive Enhancers (and Why They’re Important)

Cognitive Enhancers (and Why They’re Important)

Cognitive enhancers are substances that promote mental alertness and greater focus to people who use them as study aids. There are many brain enhancers available which are both synthetic and natural products. Natural cognitive enhancers are sold legally as supplements. These contain vitamins and natural herbs. There are also drugs that are marketed as the prescription medication for people with learning disabilities like those suffering Alzheimer’s, ADHD, and Parkinson’s disease.

The reason these diseases are important is because we have millions of people suffering from them every year!

These drugs are illicitly sold among university students as study boosters. It helps students to have greater focus and attention and gives them longer endurance during long nights of studying. Using these medications also improves memory retention although retention, in this case, is only temporary. The use of brain enhancers has been a great cause of debate recently because many individuals support the use of cognitive enhancers as great study aids to those who want to excel in school.

It’s hard to say if that is true, but scientists have figured out that the parts of your brain that you use the most, they do grow larger, that means your adult stem cells are working in those sections of your brain, and it becomes thicker and stronger in those regions. Now then, it’s not against the law to enhance your human brain currently, and I suppose as long as you’re not competing for a spelling bee, or a Nobel Prize, it really wouldn’t be unethical.

Cognitive enhancers may also be referred as smart drugs, memory enhancers, and intelligence enhancers. The term “college crack” is common among people who use cognitive enhancer drugs illicitly. This type of medications increase brain stimulation, improve mental focus and sustain energy for an extended period. Issues on whether the use of cognitive enhancers must be legalized are being presented by many pro users of the medication. Some people believed that with proper caution and control, the use of the drugs should be allowed especially for students who want to improve their study habits. The potential danger of the utilization of these drugs, however, leads many antagonists not to promote its use. These drugs have a high potential for addiction, and many cases of prescription medicine abuse have been reported for the past few years which relate to the use of cognitive enhancers in particular.

Based on recent studies, the number of drug abuse cases due to prescription medicine has increased. Addiction to cognitive enhancers is one of them. There are drug rehabilitation programs that are very specific towards their treatment approaches towards addiction from cognitive enhancers. The side effects of withdrawal both physical and mental, lead many users to continue using these drugs despite a desire to stop it. Studying without the aid of the drugs become impossible and focus is lesser without the intake. The drive for excellence and competency often pushes many college students to take extreme measures of using illicit drugs to get consistently good grades. As the pressure mounts, they seek out easier methods in studying which later develops into drug addiction. These are some of the top nootropics.

Seeking medical help for addiction is a long process and requires a significant change of lifestyle. Desire is already a good indication of change. Visiting and consulting skilled staff in drug rehabilitation programs can help those who suffer from addiction from cognitive enhancers. Before any treatment is recommended, assessment of the patient is the initial step. Counseling and other behavioral therapy may be included as part of the entire rehabilitation process. Whatever you choose, just make sure you do not become addicted to any of the substances!